Client Contact Summary
  • Task reminder system
  • Complete case coverage with client index
  • Provider and placement tracking
  • Alerts to indicate warning issue on clients
  • Direct and indirect time reporting
  • Track contacts and time for clients of other managers
  • Word processing capabilities for case documentation
  • Nightly upload to the state's CriMNet system
  • Customized case types for local needs
  • Software is customized to meet business needs
  • Tailored on-site installation and training
  • Electronically transfer time reports to CSIS
Client/Case Database
  • Store client and family demographics
  • Track guardians, health plans, and medical information
Contact Log
  • Generate an unlimited number of contact entries
  • Utilize a full-featured word processor to enter contacts
Time Reporting
  • Simplify time reporting to improve accuracy and timeliness of the information
  • Record 100% of case managers' direct and indirect time
Task Reminder System
  • Schedule day-to-day activities for appointments, meetings, and tasks
  • Generate a report showing scheduled activities for a given date range
Basic Provider and Placement
  • Track treatment, provider, and placement information which clients receive
  • Quickly access provider contact names and phone numbers
Document Management
  • Mail merge fields into Microsoft Word™ and Corel WordPerfect™
  • Link documents to each specific case

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