Corrections Services Technology Solutions
  • Role-based security model
  • Allows for maximum flexibility
  • Option to use Windows® Authentication
  • Complete tracking of a user's data history
  • Over 100 standard reports with multiple criteria options
  • Ability to export reports in different file formats
  • Ad hoc reporting to create custom reports
  • Custom reports created upon request
Case Management
  • Client demographics and case information
  • Dashboards
  • Outcome-based conditions
  • Community Work Service and Sentence to Service
  • Customizable Response Guides
  • Probation fee billing
  • Group Supervision management
  • Caseload management monitoring
  • Messaging and workflows
  • Incident Reporting
  • Pretrial
  • Intervention Tracking
  • Electronic Home Monitoring
  • Probation Violation module
Document Management
  • Files are linked to the appropriate client, case, or admission
  • Integrations with Microsoft Word™
  • Upload files such as Word, PDF, and Excel documents
  • Optional integrations with Hyland®'s OnBase, IBM® FileNet, and Microsoft® SharePoint
  • Allows for a paperless environment
  • Complete office template and form management
  • Hundreds of data merge fields are available for eliminating data entry
  • MNCIS case data
  • Drug testing results with multiple vendors
  • Probation fees credit card payment processing
  • Minnesota Community Offender Management System (COMS)
  • Minnesota state statue service
  • Custom county system integrations built upon request
Client Supervision Portal
  • Each client has an account; an electronic link to their supervising office
  • Customizable check-in templates with check-in monitoring
  • Text and e-mail reminders
  • Clients can update select demographic information such as phone numbers, addresses, and employment
  • Secure communications between the client and their supervising agent
  • Integrates with CSTS's Case Plan functionality and intervention tools
  • On-demand Broadcast Messaging
  • Provides offices with an Information Feed of client activity
Detention Center Functions
  • Housing
  • Incident Reporting
  • PREA Incident and federal reporting
  • Inmate schedule and activities
  • Billing and Receivables
Mobile Version
  • Perform Well Being Checks
  • Designed to optimize screen size and smartphone features
  • Provides probation officers with their important case data
  • Speech to text functionality for simplified case note and chrono entry

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